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I reveal all my secrets with you on how agents of change can make more money + impact and how I've grown my own coaching business to 7 figures.



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  • How to transition from therapist to coach and protect your license

  •  How to figure out what your coaching niche should be

  • How to create your offer that brings you freedom

  • How to stand out in the saturated market and create a compelling brand

  • How to find your soulmate clients online without wasting your time

  • How to implement my modern marketing masterplan to get paying clients

  • How to sell in a sacred soul aligned way so you don't have to feel salesy

  • How to overcome imposter syndrome and create a do or die badass mindset

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In my easy to read guide book, you will learn exactly how you can outgrow the office, leave behind the outdated model of mental health, and make a bigger impact serving others.

I made the transition from therapist to coach and have built a multiple 6 figure coaching business. I hold nothing back and reveal all my secrets to help YOU save so much time and money. It doesn't take years to build your dream coaching business.

You do NOT need to have a coaching certification or business experience. I will share all the best practices for adding coaching ethically and the strategies that are working best in 2024 to get paying coaching clients.



I teach you the difference between therapy and coaching and how to add coaching ethically and legally so you insure you are protecting your hard earned license and have the peace of mind that you are setting up your business the right way.


You will learn how to set up your online coaching blueprint and select a viable and marketable coaching niche so you can confidently say exactly who you help and how you help them.


Understand my secret formula for pricing your high ticket program and how you can be paid to create an asset in your business that will help you reduce your hours. Get proof that you are the Beyonce of your space and stand out as the expert in the saturated coaching market!


Implement my Modern Marketing Masterplan client attraction system to organically attract qualified soul mate clients on social media. No more marketing mysteries. I literally give you the step by step plan to attract paying clients and get more booked calls on your calendar.


Say your offer with confidence and conviction and learn how to sell with my secret soul aligned techniques so you don't have to feel salesy. Kiss imposter syndrome and the haters goodbye as you step into your dream coaching business.


Learn how to build a do or die badass mindset so you can scale your coaching business and continue to create a legacy for your family and generations to come. Freedom, flexibility, and security is yours!

Total Value: $997.00

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Is it a therapist thing that we all like to talk with our hands!? LOL


Carly Hill is a licensed clinical social worker and business strategist for female clinicians. She specializes in helping female therapists make more money and impact by teaching them to build the online coaching business of their dreams.

Carly helps therapists break free out of the one-on-one model to leverage their time, get paid for their knowledge, and live a life of true freedom. She helps therapists to find their coaching niche, develop their high-ticket offer, and organically call in their ideal clients easily and effortlessly using her unique modern marketing masterplan.

When you don’t find Carly at the gym, in the Bahamas, or coaching other clinicians, you can find her donating her time to healing others. She is a Reiki Master, intuitive, NLP practitioner and conscious leader in her community. Gratitude is the number one value she lives her life by.

Her charismatic, direct, but approachable coaching style helps therapists adding coaching and get results fast!

Don't miss out on grabbing your copy of Therapreneur™ where Carly shares all of her secrets, best practices and strategies to help you make the transition from therapist to coach so you can make more money + impact.


Who Is This For?

Women clinicians who are looking to outgrow the office and start and grow a profitable coaching business.

Why did you create this book?

This is the book I so badly needed when I was a broke burnt-out therapist. I wanted to make a larger impact and unapologetically make more money. I'm passing everything I know to you.

will this book HELP ME MAKE MONEY?

This is a business guide-book designed to help you step-by-step with protecting your license, selecting your niche, creating your offer and enrolling clients faster and easier using social media. Clients who follow our systems to a "T" make money, but results cannot be guaranteed. 

how is this book different?

This book is packed with value and I'm sharing my secrets of how I built a 7 figure coaching business in record time. You will find this book to be a quick read and you can go back to each step as many times as you need to guide you. 

can i work with you and your team?

Yes. Once you purchase the book, you will get access to schedule a no-cost Zoom consult call with my team. They will explain all the details of how to join our signature program, Therapist to Coach Accelerator™

when will i receive my paperback book?

You should receive your book in the mail from USPS within 7 business days after you place your order. E-book purchases are sent via email within minutes so please check your inbox (spam/junk folders too).

is this book covered by a guarantee?

Yes. If you don't like the book for any reason, just email us at but we know you'll love it.

The Real Question Is, Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

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